Why Use Digital Mailroom Software?

Digital mailroom software is transforming hundreds of thousands of organizations looking to harness digital transformation to move into the future of work. Organizations all over the world have been taking advantage of digital mailroom services for years and have been able to withstand unexpected turbulence, financial strains and productivity demands. Some deem digital transformations like these unnecessary, while in reality a simple software solution can save your organization thousands. 

Why Digital Mail?

Digital mail is much different from traditional email environments. With email, you already have a software platform that creates digital messages ready to send and receive data. With digital mail, you actually convert physical mail into digital files. All of the physical, paper mail that arrives for the organization is opened, processed, then scanned into a software system that is designed specifically to receive, track, and deliver mail to the proper recipients. With digital mail, physical assets become searchable, encrypted and audited on demand — with accessibility and ease. 

Digital Mailroom Software

Digital mailroom software that can handle thousands of physical assets a day with custom workflows and account managers, has to be incredibly robust. Imagine a workspace hub that is centrally located on a secure server that allows access for users anywhere in the world. The right software has the ability to maintain thousands of users, user types, administrative roles, file sharing, and file storage.

Physical mail is received at a mailing address for the company. From there, every piece of mail is opened, processed, then scanned into the software system. Upon delivery the assets are immediately encrypted and secured, then delivered to the appropriate recipients, or departments it’s intended for. With each step in the process, every item is recorded, documented, and tracked every step of the way.

The software is able to track each piece of mail and give it a timestamp every time it is accessed. This way security remains at the utmost quality, and anything that has a required timeline can be easily met in order to maintain efficiency and response times.

Problems With Physical Mail

Physical mail has been in operation for hundreds of years. Yet in a digital age, physical assets pose a number of challenges and risks associated. For starters, physical mail continues to be time consuming, with the average delivery time at three days. 

Three days is a long time to wait on time-sensitive documents. That figure doesn’t include lost, or physically contaminated mail. Moreover, digital mail poses a growing security risk with no control on opened, misused or wrong-recipient mail. Personal information, checks, and sensitive data can be at extreme risk in the form of physical mail. Between extended wait times for mail, possible security breaches, and the fact that physical mail adds a bunch of added costs to the company there is a lot at stake without using a digital mail solution to handle the mail.

The Future of Mail

For the time being, there are still many businesses that are stuck in the old ways of physical mail delivery systems. However, as technology continues to evolve and advance, more and more organizations are learning the value of digital mailroom platforms. Someday there will be a time when paper mail is a thing of the past and everything will be converted into a secure, digital means. Until then, hopefully, smart business owners will understand that using a digital mail solution will save them money, resources, and time.