Why Managed Cloud Hosting Is Worth The Additional Cost

There is no doubt that Cloud Hosting is one of the best things that ever happened to the hosting industry. It provides a secure hosting environment and offers scalable resources which you can manage as per your need, thus making your tech operations highly efficient. Most importantly, these things come as a part of the basic services when you buy Cloud Hosting plans. However, there is one thing that is universal to all services in the world, technology or otherwise, and that is getting what you pay for. In other words, a basic hosting plan will give you basic services, whereas, if you are ready to pay that additional cost, you can enjoy a lot more benefits of the hosting platform, as well as, from your service provider.

Managed hosting is all about the economies of expertise. It gives your hosting provider the responsibility to manage the cloud environment as well as makes them go beyond the routine tasks. Apart from taking care of every resource, operating system, hardware, network etc. the hosting admin also handles complex applications, site speed, performance etc. giving you a holistic, hassle-free hosting experience.

Why managed hosting?

If you are still contemplating whether to opt for a managed hosting plan and spend a little extra, here are a few reasons to reinstate the importance of managed cloud hosting.

  1. Automatic daily backup

When dealing with high volumes of site data, you do not want to take chances with any kind of data loss. While you run the site backup yourself (or your site admin) periodically, it is highly possible to miss out on your schedule or face a sudden system failure, especially with highly dynamic sites being built nowadays. Hence it is better to delegate this laborious but essential task to the experts. Hosting providers integrate backup tools for your hosting service which keeps running in the background and backs up all data and resources on a daily basis.

  1. Advanced Security

A professionally built site needs professional-level security. With managed hosting plans, this is one aspect of site maintenance you can be assured of. Your hosting provider empowers you with cloud-based tools that run scan your site and all related applications daily and monitor them for possible threats. With advanced security measures, you will also be alerted off any suspicious activity the moment they occur and are flagged by the program. Without an expert managing such tasks, it might be possible for you to safeguard your site in the same manner.

  1. Round-the-clock support

Without the right support, all your efforts towards a well-designed and well-structured website will be in vain. Whether it is daily management, troubleshooting, or answering a query at wee hours, an expert can keep your site functioning smoothly so you can dedicate your time and resources in the other important aspects of your business. And with managed hosting services you can avail 24 X 7 X 365 days of support from expert professionals.

To sum up…

A well-managed hosting service supported by an efficient service provider can go a long way in keeping your site performing well. The extra cost that you pay towards such services will only be worth more when you see the results. Do let us know if you have utilized managed services as a part of your Cloud Hosting package in the comments section below.