Why Digital Mailrooms are Growing Amid Covid-19

As we know, companies large and small everywhere are struggling under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees are practicing social distancing and following safety measures. Many enterprises have asked their employees to work from home, which adds to a continually changing business arena. Crowded mailrooms with numerous people handling mail is a breeding ground for germs.

One customer began their Eco-Mail digital mailroom transformation well in advance of the COVID-19 pandemic. What started as long-tailed implementation to move away from physical mail sorting and delivery was rapidly escalated across their enterprise to provide operational continuity in this time of crisis. Building a digital mail solution allowed them to continue processing data with very few headaches, even as much changed across the company.

Digital transformation allows you to handle and process your mail even in the age of remote work and social distancing. Operational continuity, significant cost savings, improved resource, and process flexibility, and faster turn-around times are just a few of the benefits of a digital mailroom with Eco-Mail.

When using a digital mailroom solution, every piece of mail is quickly accounted for, scanned, tracked, and delivered to the recipient without touching any of it. The physical mail is stored away from your business, freeing up space in your offices while ensuring fewer health risks. When initiating a digital transformation, the letter becomes manageable, trackable, and efficient. Every aspect becomes integrated into the solution and shaped into a sound system that generates success.

Business drivers for Digital Workplaces

Having a digital mail solution in place cuts back on the risk of spreading germs because the work is done far away from the business in an isolated area where mail is sent digitally to its recipient. Not one employee in the office will touch it. Any paper mail that could be carrying contaminants will be far away without a hint of a threat to anybody in the company.

Digital Mailroom solutions with Eco-Mail also lowers costs, raises efficiency, and keeps business flowing with modern-day technology, bringing relief to many struggling companies. The software that runs a digital mailroom quickly and accurately detects, organizes, and routes mail without human handling. This type of software was developed long before the recent pandemic. However, in the middle of this ever-changing crisis, it is great to have a solution in place to help prevent the spread of germs.

A digital mailroom is an asset to any business, allowing its employees to work safely from anywhere globally.  Eco-Mail has the right answer for any business when it comes to modern-day technology and robust digital mail software solutions. As technology continues to evolve and grow, so do enterprises that depend on it. Join the dynamic team of Eco-Mail as they work side by side with you to help you stay fluid and strong through these changes and all the changes to come.