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Why Are Small Businesses Making A Move To The Cloud?

Why Are Small Businesses Making A Move To The Cloud?

Cloud Hosting is a relatively new entrant in the world of web hosting. A Cloud Host is not only fast but is also a very affordable platform. Even the best Cloud Hosting in India does not cost too much. Cloud Web Hosting is a versatile platform. But is Cloud Hosting meant only for big websites? No, a Cloud Server in India powers all types of websites, from a blog to an eCommerce portal.

More specifically, small businesses are increasingly adopting Cloud Hosting as a preferred platform to host their websites. While it is true that every website’s specific requirements vary greatly from each other, certain basic specifications are common for them all. Performance, security and scalability are only some of them. So what does Cloud Hosting offer small businesses that make it a preferred platform among them?

Here are our Five Reasons for Small Businesses Moving to Cloud HOSTING.

High Performance

It is a general belief that only the best Cloud Hosting in India offers high performance. In reality, any well-configured Cloud Hosting platform will give fast and steady performance. Cloud Hosting harnesses the resources of multiple servers to host website data. It ensures that websites do not run out of resources unexpectedly and keep performing consistently for a seamless user experience.

Enhanced Security

Security is an essential consideration for businesses that are serious about growing their business online. This consideration becomes critical when a business processes payments online and is responsible for securing their clients’ personal and financial data like addresses and account numbers. Cloud Hosting ensures enhanced security with a combination of robust security tools and data redundancy.

Effortless Scalability

Sufficient resources are crucial for a website’s smooth performance. If resources start running out, it impacts a website’s performance and slows it down progressively. Bandwidth is especially critical because if it runs out, a website will become inaccessible to visitors. While all the modern hosting solutions offer scalability in varying degrees, Cloud Hosting leverages multiple resources and offers easy scalability to an almost infinite degree.

Better Resilience

A website’s resilience is its ability to perform smoothly without crashing or going offline frequently. Multiple factors determine this ability, such as resources available, quality of hardware and frequency of maintenance. Cloud Hosting ticks all the right boxes and offers unprecedented resilience, even against the most dreaded threats like a DDoS attack, which Cloud Hosting can easily withstand.

Affordable Pricing

Though pricing may not matter for big businesses, it is significant for small businesses as it affects their bottom line. Although Cloud Hosting is priced a bit higher than Shared Hosting, feature for feature, it offers much better value for the money spent on hosting. It is more affordable than a Dedicated Server and offers almost comparable performance. It is an important factor in its widespread acceptance.

These are the main reasons which are prompting small businesses to move to Cloud Hosting. It is faster, secure and more affordable. These are crucial considerations for small businesses that let them compete on an equal footing with bigger organisations globally.

You can check out the following video to understand why Cloud Hosting is faster than Shared Hosting:

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