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In the modern front-end development there is a great variety of front-end frameworks. One of the oldest of them is AngularJS. Despite its age it remains on the top of along with other popular technologies. Why is it so? And why should we consider it best fit for application development? Take a look and figure it out.

What is AngularJS itself?

First of all, this is necessary for us to get well-acquainted with this technology. AngularJS is a front-end framework which uses JavaScript as the main and fundamental programming language. It was released about 10 years ago by Google with the aim to help developers with the development process. For now, it is considered to be old technology but due to the numerous and constant updates it stays still on the top positions.

So, let us understand and figure out what makes AngularJS still relevant nowadays.


First, let us take a short look at the expenses. AngularJS is rather old and there are a lot of developers that can work with it. It is pretty simple and the cost of development will be rather low. And that’s wonderful for business, especially at its first stages of development and makes first steps in that direction.

Stable Code

AngularJS is definitely old technology and there is a vast number of specialists that know everything there from the top to the bottom. Every developer knows how to deal with it and this is the main reason why you can get a proper and stable code. The other versions of Angular like 2 and up to 10 are not so stable from time to time, but AngularJS is relatively old and strong. That is why despite the decrease of its popularity, AngularJS still occupies the most profitable positions.

Faster Development

If you have a rare ability to learn fast, AngularJS won’t be a problem for you. With a deep knowledge of JavaScript it takes almost no time to learn AngularJS. And eventually when you’ ll start to feel yourself comfortable with this framework and the time and effort necessary for development will be not so great.

HTML Templates

AngularJS has a lot of amazing things to use and one of them is the plain HTML templates. As DOM elements these templates are passed to a compiler and that provides a better workflow. In turn, that gives the extension and reusability of templates and easy manipulation.

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Along with custom directives the regular ones are used. They enable the possibility to keep clear and organize the HTML pages and scripts.


AngularJS uses a specific architecture in the processes of development. Specifically MVC and MVV patterns that are in the core of the MVVM architecture. That makes a strong and mighty basis for the app performance. Why? Because design and visual elements, and data are separated and become easy to maintain.

Data Binding

AngularJS has a fast and rather easy data binding which is called two-way data binding. That means that any kind of changes made to the model will be shown in view and vice-versa. Also, it gives any developer the opportunity to manipulate, code and update the DOM elements freely.

Responsive Web

In AngularJS, you can create just amazing UI for an end-user, that’s because AngularJS gives the opportunity to create responsive, fast and seamlessly navigating apps and websites.

Good Testing

AngularJS provides great tools that make testing easy and enjoyable like Karma and Protractor. All the websites and apps made in AngularJS are highly testable, because this technology provides such types of testing as unit testing and end-to-end testing, and, in turn, this makes such processes as debugging and testing itself simple and engaging.


That’s not hard to see how many benefits and pros AngularJS development has and that is why AngularJS is best fit for application development. You just need to learn JavaScript and this technology, and go ahead. You can create sites and apps easily and without extra effort by hiring the expert from