What Kind of Software Manages Cash Flow?

When it comes to cash flow management system software there are not a lot of options out there. In order for the software to have the capability to manage the cash flow of an organization, it has to be developed in a manner that far surpasses the quality of typical software. The security of a program of that magnitude alone has to be impenetrable and reliable.

The kind of software that is used to manage the cash flow of a business or an organization will not be a simple program that you would download into your computer the same way you would a word processing platform. In order to facilitate the cash flow accurately and without error the platform has to connect the incoming and outgoing finances to outside sources to get an idea of how the money is moving from one side of the business to the other.

Software as a Service

What most of the high-tech software providers do is offer their software as a service as opposed to an application that you can simply download and own. In this fashion, the software is not installed on local computers but is accessed through applications that are installed on the computers, or through a website portal.

When a company pays for SaaS (software as a service) it will usually be for a monthly or annual fee much like paying for an internet service provider or a cellular phone plan.

Many types of software applications are available as a service such as:

  • CRM software
  • Accounting software
  • Project management software
  • Marketing software

Using software in this manner cuts down on user issues and technical difficulties because the application is run and managed by the provider.

When it comes to implementing technology that deals with currency and cash flow it is better to have it connected to a source that is trustworthy and accountable when it comes to security and performance.

The cash flow process of a business will be connected to financial institutions, vendors, customers, and any other facet that contributes to the financial flow of the company. In order to get an accurate view of all spending practices, the sources have to be available for the software to audit and report.

Cloud-Based Platform Technology

One of the most secure ways to implement a software platform is to have it built in a way that it can be shared in a cloud environment throughout a multitude of servers in various locations throughout the planet.

Most of the software as service providers will have their applications housed in a cloud environment so that it ensures safety and security.

The way it works is that the data that is stored in the cloud is encrypted and broken up into millions of parts throughout a system of servers that can be located all around the world. When a person tries to hack into an area to steal information or hack the platform they will only get access to an encrypted piece of the data that will be of no use to them, or anybody else.

Since highly robust software applications can tend to be slower for people to use, the fact that the entire program is broken up into several pieces allows it to work faster and with less power than if it were to be housed on a single server or computer.

When you deal with software that manages finances of multi-billion dollar enterprises such as federal government establishments and banks there is absolutely no room for mistake or risk of mistake. Since the software carries such sensitive information it is much safer when the data is stored in a cloud system because it is virtually un-hackable in that environment.

Cash Management Stragegies

There is a level of technology that goes far beyond what most normal people understand. The software that has the ability to manage the cash flow of a large business is not some simple little program that anybody can just figure out by Googling how to use it.

When a company buys and pays for goods and services that it needs in order to function it has to stay within the lines of certain parameters that are based on the costs of the goods or services, and the amounts of items or services that it needs.

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Most of the time when a company goes through the sourcing phase of its procurement process it will establish deals and prices for things with the company they are buying from. This is known as the “sourcing” phase of the source-to-pay process.

Depending on the type of software and the degree of its capabilities there may be ways to forecast better and more efficient ways of spending money that is more apt to generate higher returns and lower costs in the end.

The software will use all of the data that is available to it from all of the sources it has to establish a pattern and see how funding and spending will look in the future. It can also predict how available types of currency will be available through different markets.

Cash management software can connect to data sources all over the world and bring real information in real-time to generate reports and guide the flow of cash throughout the business.

Administration and Implementation

It is an unrealistic vision to believe that a person that does not understand the software  -and how it works- to install the system and administer the users, groups, and permissions. The owner of the business, or the person in charge of the details, will have to corroborate with the administrator of the software in order to achieve a correct installation that will be as secure and efficient as it is meant to be.

Attracting Attention from Cybercriminals

When there is a slight chance that a person can secretly log into an establishment and transfer large amounts of money from one account to the next without being caught it will attract the attention of hackers and cybercriminals. This is one of the main reasons why security is so important.

Whenever a company digitizes its financial system there will be some unwanted attention from crooks that want to get rich quickly. This is why it is important to have all of the security measures that you can possibly have in place.

Typical software does not have to be as incorruptible as cash management software. Although there are plenty of software developers that have extremely high-quality security measures for their platforms, the fact that cash management software is connected to financial institutions means that it can not be mediocre.

Talented hackers can find out more information than most people realize, and use that information to find weaknesses and exploitable areas where the company connects to the internet.

The best thing about having a third party manage the software is that you do not have to be a technological expert with knowledge of code to use the platform, all you have to do is remember to pay the subscription on time.


The kind of software that manages cash flow can be capable of making its own decisions in certain circumstances. Developers are starting to take advantage of all of the potential that artificial intelligence has to offer by incorporating it into their products. Smart, highly efficient, and impeccably secure are the key factors that cash management software will have embedded into its core.