What Digital Mailroom Software Does

Technology is evolving at an exceptionally fast pace. According to Moore’s Law, processors will get twice as fast about every two years. With all that extra processing power it’s no wonder that the world has been able to gain such advanced technology in such a short amount of time. Just thirty years ago you’d need a car to carry all of the tools that are now in a single smartphone. With that kind of advancement, it’s no wonder that digital mailroom software has created a spot for itself in the world. Because this is a new type of software not many people are exactly familiar with the specifics, so today we hope to provide you with a cursory glance into what exactly this software does.

Modernize Your Mailroom.

The image of workers or interns sorting through mail and delivering it to the people that need it is almost as American as apple pie. But just because it’s tradition doesn’t mean it’s automatically the best way to go about it.

Mailrooms have been used for a very long time, nearly as long as mail has been delivered by the USPS. That means that other than a few machines that have been developed the process of sorting mail has been largely left behind by the technological boom of the last 40 or 50 years.

That is until digital mailroom software was developed. This software makes both delivery and storage of physical paper mail a breeze because it digitizes the entire process. Instead of sending someone to drop off mail to everyone or worse, leaving it in slots in the breakroom, the mail is immediately sent to the people that need to see it.

Increase Your Security.

Paper mail is incredibly insecure and for a different reason than any device. That is because paper mail can be access by anyone who gets their hands on it. It’s as easy as opening an envelope, something so easy a child can do.

Digital mailroom software not only allows you to ensure that the mail only gets to who it needs to, but many also utilize encryption. It’s hard to say exactly what each company uses, as some companies don’t exactly provide this information to the public, but it’s safe to say that most of this type of software is at least an equivalent to 128-bit encryption. That means that with our current technology it would take about 500 billion years to crack into your digital mailroom software.

It goes without saying that that is a significantly longer amount of time than it takes to open an envelope while still allowing the people that need to look at it the ability to access it. Digital mailroom software allows you to decide who has access to what mailpieces without needing to physically hand them their mail.

This ensures not only security but that everyone has a chance to look over the important documents before your next meeting. Every meeting that starts off with everyone on the same page is a meeting that goes a lot more smoothly.

Is Digital Mailroom Software the Future of Mailrooms?

As time goes on technology will only continue to evolve faster and faster. Who knows how long before we as a society collectively decide that it’s time to entirely ditch the mailroom in favor of something more efficient. For the time being, if efficiency is your goal using digital mailroom software could be well within your company’s best interests. Streamlining your company’s mail process could benefit your company in ways you wouldn’t think of, as well as help you cut down on insecurities in your process.