Web Design Trends to Use For 2021

People see new styles and features in website design, emerging every year. Some of these trends in web design help your content to work well on a specific device. Others help you explain your brand to a wider audience. When you incorporate them thoughtfully on your website, they can bring positive and fruitful changes in your business. While it is your choice what trend to use on your website, the majority of them aim to increase the user experience on a site.

The following are the web design Brisbane trends that you can add to your site and ensure the improvement of its performance this year:

Clean Layouts

Last year, website designers and developers have built straightforward and clean pages to enhance user experience regardless of the screen size. Many sites that use huge images are incredibly slow, causing frustrations to mobile users. Considering that the number of mobile users is increasing year after year, more and more searches are going to happen on mobile. With this, the clean layout trend will continue to be a vital factor in web design this year.

Although augmented reality, 3D rendering, interactive animation, and other technological innovations will find their way in professional website design, there is no need to make your site distracting or flashy when using these elements. You can still engage your audience with new fancy interface in a clean layout.

Short Feature Videos

You can emphasize a specific use case in your web design by using a feature or product videos. If you are a B2B company, explaining your products in short videos can influence the decision-making process of your buyers. This is because a high percentage of B2B customers who watch online videos when looking for a particular product or service.

These short explainer videos allow consumers to get to know and understand the value of a product without watching a long, comprehensive one. Short and long videos both have value, but shorter ones enable fast comprehension, which is beneficial for top of the funnel.

Background Videos

Videos that play in the background of your website can be beneficial for you. You can use background videos to tell a story and lessen the amount of other content that is necessary to explain your business significantly. The moment a visitor lands on your site, the background video will work on enticing them.

Through the background video, a visitor can hear about the critical points of your company even without reading a single sentence. Also, it helps that the sizes of mobile devices now are bigger and connection speeds are faster, as these allow for better video experiences.

Subtle Anmations

With the advancement of technology, browsers now have the capability to utilize animations much better than before. Since this year is about simplicity, subtle and useful animation is now the trend, leaving those loud and distracting animations earlier behind. A web design with subtle animation allows you to display more content. This trend also brings scroll-triggered animations and animated logos.

Hamburger Menus

You have probably seen a lot of websites that have a long menu of options that you can select, depending on where you want to go. While it has its advantages, it uses a lot of screen space. This is where the hamburger menu becomes a great option. Also referred to as the hidden menu, it was already a common feature in many web applications before it made its way to web design.

Often, users get overwhelmed and sidetracked by the amount of information on a website.

Hamburger menus allow users a clear path when getting around the web pages. They eliminate a busy navigational system by hiding it behind; thus, making the user experience cleaner and smoother. As a result, you will have a clear and uncluttered landing page.

Card UI Design

With the rising popularity of Pinterest, many businesses are trying their hands at using cards on their websites. The cards break up different articles and visitors will pick which ones they like to expand. The height of the cards depends on the type of content, but usually the cards have the same width on a web page.

When you use cards on your web design, you can highlight various products or services alongside each other. This allows flexibility on your layout. You can use multiple cards in one layout with different pieces of information, for example, an image, a text summary, or hashtags. Keep in mind that these card UI designs should be responsive. In other words, the size and number of cards visible on your web page are in accordance with the screen size used.


Micro-interactions are a crucial element that you can add to your web design to improve communication with your visitors. Micro-interactions are small events, in which a user and your website interact. They have the ability to influence the actions of your users without them realizing it. Doing it right can provide you with many benefits, such as:

  • It directs the attention of the users.
  • It encourages people to comment, share, and like on your content.
  • It gives useful tips to your visitors.
  • It gives relevant and instant feedback to a user regarding a completed action.
  • It improves the navigation of your site.
  • It makes your website more professional and emotional.

In general, micro-interactions give an overall positive vibe about your company, making the user experience more satisfying.


When it comes to designing and developing your website, cybersecurity is one aspect that you must not forget. Cybersecurity is taking centre stage now this year more than ever, with all the stories you read about malware attack, hacking, data breach, etc.

So, when deciding what web design trends to use on your site, consider the security of the information of your clients. After all, people will engage with your site, download content, and share personal details only when they trust you.

Part of creating an amazing web design is experimenting with things and using new technologies. You can have a website that your audience will have a rewarding experience if you use the right tools, follow the effective trends, and hire the best digital solution team.