Purchase of Laptops

Many people are at a loss when buying laptop. They do not know how to buy laptops. In order to avoid some traps when buying a laptop in UK, we must know some knowledge.

The screen is the place that is ignored by everyone. It is the place where manufacturers like to cut corners. Many people focus on the configuration when buying laptops. They are full of cost performance and ignore the screen.

The screen is the place we have been looking at. Choosing a good screen can reduce the release of blue light and protect our eyesight.Viewing Laptop Purchase from A Professional Angle

Sliding with your fingers will not cause water ripples. It is called “hard screen”. It is necessary to use LED lamp bead back light. And it is easy to leak light and is not deep enough when displaying black.

IPS panel is characterized by high brightness and pleasing color. It has wide color gamut and wide visual angle.

The brightness of TV panel is difficult to reach IPS level. The TN screen is the one that will change the color of the screen. This kind of screen is not recommended. Some manufacturers will write “foggy screen” to fool people. When you see these, you should be on guard.

The OLED panel does not have a backlight module. Each OLED pixel can emit light. It can realize infinite contrast and wide color gamut.
Gamut is divided into gamut coverage and gamut volume. Gamut coverage refers to the color that this screen can display in a certain color space. Gamut volume is all the colors that this screen can display.

For example, if a display can display 20 million colors and a certain color space is 16 million colors, but the display can only display 15.7 million colors in this color space. This 20 million is gamut volume and 15.7 million is gamut coverage. When converted into a percentage, the color gamut coverage is 98% and the color gamut volume is 125%.
The workmanship is proportional to the selling price of the product. Products with good workmanship will not be too cheap. Products with high prices will not be too poor in workmanship.

Don’t give up the requirements for the overall design and workmanship of the laptop in order to pursue low price. In the later period of use, the experience is poor. It is not comfortable.
Many laptops with “high cost performance” save money on workmanship, screens, keyboard, etc. For example, CNC process metal body may be replaced by stamping process.

Many so-called “highly configured” laptops use a screen of average quality. The keyboard is soft when pressed down. The tolerance of the back cover is large. The gap in the body is obvious.
Appearance is a matter that varies from person to person. Some people may like business type. Some like simplicity type, and some like game type. Then choose according to your own likes.