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The Quingo Flyte Mobility Scooter With MK2 Docking Station

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Looking for an easy way to transport your mobility scooter? Did you end up breaking the scooter down into pieces to load it into your car, then reassembling it when you got to your destination? Or maybe you are tired of carrying a folding scooter that is considered “light” because it is too heavy to lift?

Well, the perfect solution that solves all these problems is here. Introducing the Quingo Flyte. This scooter has many unique features, but the MK2’s easy-to-install port is what sets it apart from others in its class.

This small five-wheeled scooter offers excellent performance. The Quingo Flyte scooter can be loaded and unloaded in less than 60 seconds using the remote control. This is done through its special removable port.

With the largest component weighing only 19.6 pound, the MK2 dock is light, flexible and easy to install. With the provided SUV adapter kit, it will fit most sedans and SUVs. For more on top folding mobility scooters visit Electric Wheelchairs USA.

Enjoy the performance of a super scooter with undisputed power, all without the performance limitations associated with mobility scooters. Because it is not permanently attached to the car, the port is quick and easy to install or remove and does not require tools to assemble.

The parking lot also features impressive charging ramps, and your scooter can be ejected from your car with just a two-button remote. No tedious lifting or disassembly, and the weight of the scooter is supported.

Quingo has always designed their scooters with safety in mind so you can feel confident when riding one of their units. Unlike mobility scooters, Quingo’s revolutionary Kerbmaster or “Curbmaster” technology gives their scooters the ability to ride up and down curbs at a 45-degree angle.

All Quingo scooters are among the best mobility aids on the market thanks to extensive testing for strong cornering and protection. With its large 250 watt motor, the Quingo Flyte can easily power you through the day.

The Flyte offers a comfortable riding position and an impressive 80% more legroom than a four-wheeled mobility scooter of its size. The Quingo’s mobility makes it ideal for taller travelers and those who may experience joint stiffness.

This perfect mobility scooter comes with great storage. A lockable rear storage box is combined with two large shopping baskets. one is stored safely under your seat and the second fits in a convenient and convenient position in the front center.

This unique mounting position keeps any large purchase independent of the tiller, ensuring that the rotation remains light and easy to control.

At Electric Wheelchairs USA, we truly love helping our customers make the best choice for their needs whether it is a power chair, mobility scooter, or lift chair.

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