Ten Cricket Records Will Never Be Broken

Cricket is a game that sees many records all the time. The recreation is tough, precise, and brings the sector together. There are a lot of rewritten numbers and anything can happen at any time.

The Top Ten Records Will Never be Beaten

However, there are a few records that would be harder to beat than anything else. Here is a list of 10 records that are almost impossible to pass-

1.Taking Pictures is 50 Years Old

The first celebrity to play the game of cricket was Dr. William Gilbert Grace. He captured England at the age of 50 and became the oldest man to do so. Since 1899, the record has stood the test of time.

50+ Runs in the Last Three WCs

Making the World Cup finals a success in itself, but getting three consecutive 50+ points as a batsman is another record in itself. It’s in Adam Gilchrist as he has hit fifty-one of the three finals, which will be hard to imitate.

199 in the First Century

While Sachin Tendulkar holds the 100-year record in international cricket, hundreds of years in first-class cricket belong to Jack Hobbs, with a total of 199.

19 Wickets in one Match

Jim Laker holds the record for most wickets in a single match. The English have taken 19 wickets in total against Australia and have not yet broken.

Employment of 30 Years

Sachin Tendulkar has had a long career of 24 years but does not hold the record for too long. That right falls to England coach Wilfred Rhodes who played for 30 years!

Most Wickets are First Class

Wilfred Rhodes has a record number of wickets in his first year, raising 4204 leading wickets in his long career, which will be difficult to win.

3-over Century

Sir Don Bradman, considered one of the best players in the world, has won a century in just three overs. One of the overs was eight balls in length and in 18 minutes, he had crossed the 100-year mark.

International Wicket Without Bowling

India’s Virat Kohli holds a different record by getting his first wicket without throwing an official ball. He took Kevin Pietersen’s T20I wicket by causing him to stumble into a wide ball.

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Girl’s Consecutive Overs

Indian spinner Rameshchandra Gangaram Nadkarni once led 21 consecutive overs without conceding a single game. That record will still be broken today and in total, give only 5 runs.

Hundreds of Double-Centuries in ODIs

India’s Rohit Sharma holds an impressive record of scoring two major goals in two ODIs. This is something that has never been repeated or broken and will take a Herculean effort to get someone to do it again.

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