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Snacks You Can Grab When Boarding A Long Flight


When you are on a long flight you might experience feeling drowsy and bored. This is quite normal. Sitting in a seat for hours can kill all the excitement of the vacation and even make your body feel tired. To avoid that from happening, there are a lot of things that you can pack in your carrying luggage including video games, your iPod, a gadget that can help you learn a new language and even a camera so that you blog your entire journey.

Apart from things that can help you kill time, you can pack some tasty snacks with you as well. Make sure that you don’t eat too much as you might need to go to the lavatory or even get a stomach ache as well while you are on your flight. Carry a limited quantity of snacks that can be your backup in case you have a problem with the in-flight menu. Your snack will be your mate even if you are experiencing a delay in the flight and have to wait for your next flight. If you are traveling to another state for a vacation, make sure that you have packed your snacks, check out if you have cable TV services by Spectrum in your state. If yes, then try to get their most affordable Spectrum Silver packages too. For now, let’s help you get some amazing snack recommendations to make your journey a great experience:

Candies And Sweets

You might find yourself having a sweet tooth while you are traveling. Make sure that you carry your energy boosters with you at all times. Having candies and sweets is amazing if you are on a long flight and you are feeling quite low. You can carry cookies, candies and gum in your bag. These are going to be useful if you or any other passenger feel low on sugar or if somebody is not feeling well during the flight.

Trail Mix

These are ideal if you plan on going for a hiking experience. Trail mixes include candies, granola, yogurt and many other things. One of the good things about trail mix is that you can buy them online as well and these can get delivered to your home. Else, you can make them by yourself if you want to save money you can make them at home too.


These are quite affordable, easily available and one of the most satisfying snacks that you can carry with yourself on the flight. You can find these amazing and delicious snacks at a gas station, shopping store, even at the airport. These are tasty and can become a good time pass for you. Try not to carry the ones that are too spicy and are properly sealed. Carry a plastic zipper for yourself. If you are carrying cheese with you, then make sure it is room temperature.


Your chocolate cravings can happen almost anywhere. This means you can have chocolate for a melted chocolate cake even if you are more than 25,000 feet in the air. You can find a lot of varieties of your favorite chocolate, including chocolate bars, chocolate-coated nuts and even granola bars with chocolate added to them in a certain quantity. There are some other options that you can add to your chocolaty luggage including coconut chips covered with dates and dark chocolates.

Breakfast Items

These are some ideal edibles if you plan on landing or be in the air during breakfast hours. Early morning flights are quite uncomfortable and inconvenient for many people so it is a good idea if you carry a breakfast or an early morning snack with you. Granola bars with or without a jam-filled center or some kind of taste-enhancing topping would be amazing. This will not become too heavy for you and you will be able to comfort your taste buds too.

Vegetable Snacks For Diet Conscious People

For people on a diet or health conscious can also satisfy their cravings during their long flight by using different vegetable snacks. There are different snacks like kale chips, cheese sticks, roasted chickpeas and popcorn that are quite healthy and can satisfy your cravings without getting your fitness routine compromised.

Key Takeaways

When you are at the airport waiting for your flight or sitting back in your seat on the airplane, you can find all of these snack options quite helpful. Many of these snacks are meant for you to feel energetic during flight and even share your snacks with other passengers in the aircraft and make new friends. Also, these snacks can help you save a lot of money if you are making them at home by yourself.  

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