Simple Android Web Browser

There are hundreds of web browsers in the market. Still, Puffin Web Browser can be introduced as a web browser with any unique features. This Puffin Web Browser is compatible with a wide range of platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows, MAC OS, Android TV, and many more. This web browser is a super-fast one where it helps the users browse fast and get the answer to their problem very quickly.

Puffin web browser recently removed from play store TV. It may re-add to play store in near future. However, you can install this browser on any Android TV and Fire TV using Filelinked or Aptoide TV.

Features of Puffin Web Browser

This application’s most striking feature is that it helps users browse so fast (enables them to browse at lightning speed).

Puffin web browser provides the facility to download the web pages we browse in their cloud servers. It helps you to minimize the buffering time. Even though it occurs a problem in the web servers we browse, you can doubtlessly access the servers. You can download webpages up to 1Gb.

This web browser is a free application and not a paid one. So, you can do your needed tasks cost less using this application.

Puffin Web Browser uses high security encryption methods. This is another important feature when it comes to the security and privacy of your data. Commonly your data you transmit is not that secure when you browse from a typical browser. You cannot assure that your data will be safely transmitted through typical browsers. There can be occurred many security threats.

Hackers can attack you if you have connected to a public network. But with this Puffin Web browser, you can safely browse. It uses a high encryption method when you browse through clouds. So, you don’t have to worry about the security and privacy of your data.

Web browsers require more RAM than other applications. When number of webpages opened increases, it may require more RAM to keep them running. If you experience performance loss you can try Clean Master application to kill unwanted tasks and free up RAM for web browsing.

The most useful, unique, and important feature Puffin Web Browser provides to a user who frequently uses web browsers is the data compression method. Using this function, you can save more of your data usage. This is a very cost effective method. This helps to compress a large file’s data when it is downloaded, but there won’t be any quality loss.

Puffin Web Browser supports the Flash Player. You can use the web apps which support the flash player through Puffin Web Browser. You can also play Flash Games. So what do you think? See, you can also play games using this application.

This Puffin Web Browser is also compatible with Android Mobile Screen, Desktop, PC, Android TV, etc. You can play flash games using these devices. It provides its users with a virtual gamepad to play games.


Puffin Web Browser is a handy web browser for users who are bored with buffering. The browser is super- fast and helps to browse very quickly. After downloading and install the application, you should permit access to certain areas such as Camera, Location, Microphone, and Storage. Giving access to these areas in your device helps you experience all the benefits Puffin Web Browser offers. If you are unable to install this app on your Android phone via play store, you can try third party app stores like AC Market.