Signs Of Child Abductions

Keeping your loved ones safe is more than likely a top priority in your life, especially keeping your children safe. The sad truth is that child abductions happen more frequently than we like to admit, and these predators don’t discriminate based on how safe your neighborhood is. This is why it is vitally important to know the signs of child abduction, and teach them to your little ones so they are always aware of their surroundings and on the lookout for potential danger. 

Offerings and Promises

Young children naturally want to trust authority, and usually will see all adult figures as such if not told beforehand to limit conversations with strangers, especially in the absence of a parent or guardian. Predators take full advantage of this and are known for luring children in with the promise of a treat, such as candy, toys, puppies, or anything else a child might like. Teaching children not to trust the promise of a stranger could be a life-saving lesson. Be on the lookout for other children as well, and if you witness a situation where a child is talking to an adult and looks suspicious, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Intervene, call the police, or try to seek out the parent or guardian with the child. 

An Adult Asking a Child For Help 

Taken: Common Sense Tips & Tricks for Surviving an Abduction – Personal Defense World

Another well-known child abductor trick is to ask a child for help. Sometimes they will ask for directions from their car, or ask them to go back to it with them. They could also ask them for help with things like finding a lost pet or item or helping unlock a car door. If you hear an adult asking a child for help from any kind, it is a huge red flag. Children want to help and typically won’t realize these are things they don’t know how to do or help with. Any adult that actually needs help with something knows that a child is not the place to look. Predators thrive on taking advantage of the confusion, misplaced trust, and eagerness to help. Keeping an eye and an ear out for these red flag conversations could help save a child from abduction. 

The Sketchy Guy at the Playground

If you frequent the park with your children, you are more than likely on your guard at all times while you’re there. You can probably picture who I’m talking about, the guy circling the playground who doesn’t seem to have any kids with him. In these situations, it’s imperative to trust your instinct. If someone looks out of place, they probably are. If you ever see this kind of person lurking around children on a playground, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. Don’t be afraid to ask these people who their child is, or who they are there with, often this kind of one on one attention from another adult is enough to scare them off. 

Being aware of your surroundings, and helping your children to be aware of them too will aid in the fight against child abductions, and keep your loved ones safe. For more information on child abductions, or to even see how many sex offenders are in your area, visit