How to Get Back the Printer Online?

Printers are one of the essential peripheral devices for home and office systems. When the printer gets into error, you can’t take printouts of your documents. When the printer device gets offline then check for the cable or network. Your printer can get offline for multiple reasons. User has to search for the reasons for the printer offline error.

Reasons for Getting Printer Related Errors:

  1. The printer is unable to connect with the PC
  2. The printer is running on an outdated driver
  3. Your printer gets into a paper jam
  4. Printhead gets overheated
  5. The printer cartridge is not installed properly

Ways to Troubleshoot Printer Errors:

Check Printer Connection

When the printer is showing offline status, check the PC-printer connection. The error occurs when the printer can’t connect to the PC. In wired printer connection, check for the cuts or kinks on the USB cable. Now connect your phone with the cable. If the phone is not connecting that means the cable is faulty. Get a new cable for the printer. When the user has connected the printer to the network then check the router settings. Switch off the router and restart it. Press the Wi-Fi button on the printer and check the lamp. The Wi-Fi lamp will blink to find the network. Once it finds the network, the lamp will get steady. Now check the printer status, if your printer is still offline then check for other solutions.

Run The Printer Troubleshooter

Your printer can get offline when the PC is not prepared for it. Sometimes the PC settings can prevent the printer from connecting. You can use the printer troubleshooter for fixing the errors. Open the printer troubleshooter on Windows device and  click on your printer model. Now choose the Run troubleshooter option and the tool will run on your computer. After troubleshooting the printer error, restart the PC and again try to connect your printer.

Update Your Printer Driver

You have to install a driver on your computer to communicate with the printer. When the printer can’t connect to the PC, check your printer driver. Your printer won’t get online until you have a printer driver. Check the printer driver for update; if available then install. When the printer driver files get corrupted then you have to repair them. Do not repair the files manually. Use the driver repair tool to repair the printer driver. Search for the free driver repair tool on the web. Install and run the repair tool on your device. The tool will fix the corrupted files. Users can also reinstall the driver. If you don’t want to use the repair tool then uninstall the corrupted driver from your PC.Install the new update from the printer website. Install the driver setup and now check the printer status.

Remove The Paper Jam

The printer device can get into the paper jam error easily. If you are using a DMP printer then the paper jam is the very common reason behind the printer error. When the DMP sheets are not aligned properly, the paper gets torn and then stuck inside the paper roller. Clean the paper roller and take out the junk. You can also get the paper jam when the roller draws multiple pages simultaneously. Check the rollers on your printer and clean them with a cloth. Again connect the printer to the PC and give the print command.

Check Printer Fuser/Printhead

When your printer suddenly gets offline while taking the printouts; check the fuser. Error can occur due to the overheated fuser or printhead. Check the fuser, if it gets overheated then wait until it cools down. When the fuser gets burned out then you have to replace it. Now check the printhead on your printer. If the printhead is clogged with the ink, clean it. You have to clean the printhead regularly otherwise you won’t get clear printouts. Use a cloth and liquid cleanser to clean the printhead. You need to clean the printhead very carefully otherwise your printer may get damage. Instead of cleaning the printhead manually, you can run the printer utility tool. On the utility, check for the printhead cleaning option and run it on your device. The printhead will automatically start cleaning. After cleaning them, again give a print command and check for the error.

Inspect The Printer Cartridge

The cartridge is the main component of your printer. When the printer shows offline status, check for the cartridge. Uninstall the ink cartridge and check for the damage. Check the sideways for the contact pins. Peel off all the protective tapes and clips from the cartridge. Now reinstall the ink cartridge on your device. Go to the printer screen and check whether the printer is ready to use or not.

Check The Ink

Do not forget the ink level. If it is low, refill the cartridge. You must wear a mask while refilling the ink as the ink is harmful to the lungs. Close the drum tightly and reinstall it; now check the printer status.