How to Count People in Venue and Keep Everyone Safe?

During the Covid-19 crisis, which no one knows when it’s going to be solved, there’s only one way to keep everyone safe while running your business. It’s called AI cameras.

These tech gadgets do so much. One of the things that we value the most at the moment, is counting people going in and out of a particular venue. More manufacturers are present on the market at the moment.

For example, there’s the designed specifically to track people going in and out from a particular place. It’s absolutely amazing as the features it has provided a detailed analysis and laid back surveillance of the people in charge of it.

What does a Good AI Camera do?

The best ones are not actually going to make surveillance based on the camera, but through special 3D LDAR technology, which allows the item to count people based on heatwave without seeing and remembering faces.

If you want to avoid people frightened about their security, this is the best way to do it. Of course, there are multiple solutions implemented in one. Like those who are both counting people and are doing the needed surveillance work. After all, shopping malls and places where people go must be fully equipped with this kind of technology, so that everyone is safe.

However, if you need this installed inside the office, or in places where there’s no risk of burglars or these kinds of threats, and you still need to know how many people were inside without jeopardizing anyone’s privacy, then you can install this type. Learn more about artificial intelligence and how it works here.How to Count People in Venue and Keep Everyone Safe?

The Options are Endless

These items have so many options. There’s the option to measure how much time a person spent in the room, and there’s also the option to measure how many of them were inside at the same time. This is perfect for offices where meetings are held, or places where more people work.

Small businesses can also implement this inside their working environment, and the CEO can get analysis and reports on their smartphone. It’s too easy handling the business and keeping track of what everyone’s doing inside with this piece of machinery.

Who knows, maybe one day the entire workplace will be made out of these items tracking absolutely everything we do so the employers can maximize the work of their employees. Until then, these items are the ones that you need to keep everything under control.

Why you need a Highly Capable one?

With so many options available, you need to do thorough research and find what’s best for you. Some are more capable than others. For example, there are cameras capable of recognizing over 2000 people per hour and making sure that there isn’t someone suspicious in a particular venue.

This is not amazing work for times of COVID, but for every other time, too. Imagine a train station full of people and recognizing the face of a thief that was wanted. There will be no crime outside for more than a few days.

Sure, it raises privacy concerns, but we all as humans need to decide what’s more important for us, our faces being recognized in the public, or having all the criminals in jails. Those who will vote for the first one might be criminals themselves, so it’s an issue that should be a matter of debate in the upcoming years.

When it comes to private needs, like company work and keeping track of everything happening inside, it seems like artificial intelligence is key. These gadgets can run thorough analysis and make reports about every kind of behavior inside the company.

When you’re at work, you’re not living your private life, but your work life. There are particular working standards that tons of people are avoiding. They need to know that the robots are watching, and they should spend 5 out 8 hours doing nothing.

This is not only going to raise the quality of work for employees, but it will make an equal chance for progress for everyone. This way the employers will know who’s really trying hard and will award this commitment.How to Count People in Venue and Keep Everyone Safe?

Choose the Best Camera for you

Some of the cameras have outstanding features, and others are not so good. There are those manufactured in the US and those made in the Far East. Their prices and durability are based on these facts.

The western world prefers western products because they think these are better made. It’s up to the buyer’s needs what they are going to get. Those made in the US are coming at a higher price, but with better guarantees.

At the same time, different models do various jobs. Some are capable to report to the police when they recognize an unauthorized behavior, while others have low-quality cameras only recognizing someone’s movement. See what these cameras are capable of here.

Of course, they all come for a different price. It’s your job to do the research and find the products that you think are the best for your needs. Read some blogs, and find out different products’ ranking. Also, make sure you check out how previous customers are satisfied with them.

Reviews will tell you who’s great and who’s not. If there’s an AI camera that didn’t less more than a year, then you know you should avoid it. At the same time, if you see a particular model and brand that is doing amazing for years, then this is a great option for you.How to Count People in Venue and Keep Everyone Safe?


Safety should be everyone’s top priority. During these difficult times, we all need to do what we can to protect ourselves, our families, and the working environment. As employers, it’s our job to keep the people working for us safe too.

We need to install equipment that will help do so. Artificial intelligence is the latest technology to help through this process. It’s for everyone’s good. The better the equipment, the better chance to be safe.