Hacks For Workflow Automation System

Business Automation isn’t just for large corporations. A few basic automation hacks can benefit anyone. “Automate or die,” as Twitter Officer Michael Coates put it bluntly.

We’ve all got those events we’d really put off to tomorrow. Your artistic work fails as you waste the most of your time on boring and routine activities. That doesn’t have to be that route, though!

Professional services automation (PSA) will save you countless hours (and nerves!) by dehumanizing the most time-consuming processes. According to a poll, 98 percent of businesses use some form of professional services automation in workflow automation system, whether it’s for:

  • Improving the customer experience (61 percent )
  • Rises productivity of the tasks (59%)
  • Knowledge sharing (52 percent )
  • Bringing in new industries (46 percent )

Filtering Email is no more a Tough Job:

Use a smart inbox like Spark to retrieve emails from all of your accounts along with the visual task manager and categorise them for quick processing.

You can pin important emails to the top of your inbox with a quick swipe. These may be tasks you need to finish that day or emails containing important information. Snooze them for another day by swiping again.

Reporting Can Be Automated

Spreadsheets are no longer used to manage your reports. Spreadsheets are prone to mistakes, manually filling them takes up far too much of your time, and, most importantly, why do it by hand when you can automate?

Ubiq, Sisense, and Scoro are examples of business intelligence are some basic project management software that allow you to visually analyse your data and easily generate insightful reports and dashboards. Set up the KPIs you want to track and then sit back and enjoy the results!

Stay Updated On What’s Being Said About Your Business and Industry On The Internet:

Do you want to know how your brand is viewed on the internet? Google Alerts and Mention allow you to track your brand or industry keywords automatically and receive instant notifications when they are listed.

Low-Priority Emails Can Be Automated

How many times have you read and re-read the message you’re about to send, hoping to catch all of your grammatical mistakes?

Instead, try automating low-priority emails. The Canned Response Feature in Gmail allows you to write emails ahead of time and have them sent automatically when an incoming email contains a specific word or is sent from a specific email address using task and project management tools.

Establish Mutual Beneficial Meeting Times

Do you often find yourself exchanging dozens of emails with customers in order to schedule a mutually convenient meeting time? You can suggest multiple meeting times, let others confirm their preferences, and have a mutually convenient time scheduled to your calendars using meeting scheduling software like Scoro, NeedToMeet, or Calendly.

Ensure that Everyone Arrives on Time

Set up a notification that alerts all attendees of the upcoming event to avoid being late to team meetings.Set your meeting time in Google Calendar , mention your recipients mail ID and send them the remainder 30 mins before the meeting.

Share your Meeting Notes with Others.

Use an IFTTT recipe or Zapier to email your notes to all those involved while creating a Google Doc if you want to share the notes from a meeting with everyone. Instead of a dozen emails, you can collaborate and comment on a shared document.

Alternatively, you can use this recipe to automatically create a meeting notes document in Evernote each Time your session begins.

Automate the creation of Invoices

Create PDF templates and compile invoices in seconds with invoicing software like Sage, Scoro, or Wave which is the heart of Enterprise task management.

When you generate a new invoice in Scoro, the system automatically populates your client information and calculates the due amount. Everything that you really have to do is check the receipt and press “submit” to have it sent to your client’s mailbox.

Automate your Payments Remainders

Isn’t it time you stopped emailing and calling debtors to ask for payments? Billing automation software can also help you with this by giving you a due payment reminder if a bill is past its due date. All you have to do now is complete the initial configuration because the system already has all of your invoicing data and customer contacts.

Automate Sales Dashboard

Use a sales dashboard that shows real-time data to get a quick overview of your sales performance. An automated dashboard connects to your customer database software and pulls in all pertinent information. Klipfolio, Qlik, Geckoboard, and Scoro are all good options.

Automated Ads

Wouldn’t it be great if someone else designed your landing pages, social media ads, and other marketing materials for you? That’s exactly what Needles does. All you have to do is upload photos and messages, and the tool will generate ads and content that are tailored for you.


There are so many workflow automation system hacks that might help you with your personal and business development. These hacks work best for basic project management softwares. Due to the increasing technological trends, having a visual task manager/workflow automation system will help fetch you greater returns.