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CCaaS and Remote Work

CCaaS and Remote Work

Through 2020 and 2021 the COVID-19 pandemic created a large-scale remote work scenario that came to fruition very quickly. Remote work has been a growing trend in the United States but almost immediately entire companies, industries and a county we’re working from home. For companies that rely on agents interacting with customers presents a daunting situation. Even amidst the chaos, some organizations actually came out better – and many of them had previously implemented a contact-center-as-a-service solution. Imagine less overhead, less physical space, less server capacity and a better customer experience? It seems too good to be true, but enabling remote call centers is entirely possible and extremely efficient.

The CCaaS Market

It’s hard to believe only 36% of call centers are currently using cloud-based technology to enhance their customer and agent experience. The early adopters we’re the smaller and more agile companies who had not yet invested heavily into on-premises solutions. However, lately even the largest companies and call centers in the world are switching to the cloud.

Top Reasons to Move to the Cloud

According to Aberdeen Research there are 5 main reasons that an organization should want to move their contact center to a cloud-based solution.

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