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Video Marketing

Lift New Patient Referrals With 10 Seo Video Marketing Tips

Increasingly orthodontic, dental, and expert practices are actualizing the most recent in internet advertising systems to increment new patient referrals. Utilizing video as an advertising device not just catches the eye of watchers when they click on you site, it expands the SEO (website streamlining), whenever set up accurately, to improve page positioning on the …


The Sounds Of The City

I experienced childhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a NYC district, during the 1960’s. The zone has changed definitely since that time. Truth be told, some call Williamsburg the most up to date, “hip”, NYC zone to live. Found just a single tram prevent from Manhattan (on the “L” line), it started a genuine renaissance, beginning around …


Liquor Related Crashes And Fault

As per measurements displayed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2009, 10,839 individuals lost their lives in auto collisions that included a driver with a BAC of.08% or more prominent. This represented around 32% of traffic fatalities. In Georgia that equivalent year, 331 individuals were murdered in car accidents including at any …