9003 Headlight Bulb: A Complete Package for your Vehicle

Product Description


300% brighter than halogen headlight bulbs. Gastokyle LED 9003 headlight bulb produces 10000 lumens per set, with 5000lm per light for safe driving at night, 6500K xenon white, and much more than a halogen bulb. It will allow you to see far and wider during the night

Improved Beam Pattern

Although brighter than standard halogen bulbs, the light is focused downwards, the Gastokyle LED headlight bulb does not blind oncoming vehicles, and there is no glare or dark spots.

A Lifetime of Over 30,000 Hours

10,000 rpm. turbo cooling fan provides the supercooling ability that ensures longer life of up to 30,000 hours even in terrible weather.

Easy to Install

The durable plug-and-play design is compact and usually installs in minutes. No tools are required, just plug directly into your housing and factory sockets.

Features of 9003 Headlight BULB

Super Clear

High brightness of 200% brightness compared to standard halogen bulbs will illuminate your path and give you longer visibility as well as more time to react to sudden situations for safer driving at night

HB2 9003 H4 LED Bulbs Dual Hi/Low Beam Headlights 6000K White/Yellow

Plug and Play

Gastokyle LED bulbs are designed fully in one, without an external controller, without an external cable. It plugs directly into the socket just like halogen bulbs. Non-polar plugs, easy installation.

Excellent Ray Pattern

The perfect beam pattern gives you a better view of your lane and the oncoming lane on the open road. No dark spots, no glare, and does not blind oncoming drivers. It casts enough light to the sides so you can see what’s around the corner sooner.

Excellent Durability

The latest cooler technology with a 10,000rpm turbo cooling fan provides the supercooling ability and ensures a longer lifespan of up to 30,000 hours. With excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, it is your best choice for travel even in extreme situations.

Important Things to Notice

  1. When replacing a new bulb, do not touch the chip. And use gloves or a paper towel when handling.
  2. The direction of rotation of rotating/removing the bulb may differ depending on the vehicle or the position of the headlight on the right or left
  3. Please make sure all wires and polarity are correct before connecting the power to avoid damaging the LED lights. If you are interested in these headlights visit our website and buy LED headlight bulbs online from SuncentAuto.