6 Kids Safe Browsing And Search Sites

When it comes to searching the resources, the two best browsers are Chrome and Firefox. These two are the predominant browsers in the present day. Kids don’t go through hoards of books for any school project or homework; it is all done through theinternet. Any information is just one click away. But this also increases the chances of coming across any indecent site, or something kids should not see. Frequent use of the internet also makes them vulnerable to cyberbullying. This is where the search engines and sites specifically designed for kids come in.

Kids safe browsing and search sites help parents in regulating the online activities of kids. These sites secure and prevent them from any inappropriate content while surfing the net. The sites also provide a safe and secure cyberspace for kids as well as parents. Which reduces the requirement of parental monitoring softwares to control their child’s mobile activity.

Following kids safe browsing and search sites are great for kids to surf on. They are secure and provide good content.


Kiddle is a search engine designed to provide kids-friendly results. It blocks profanity and inappropriate words. It provides results based on facts and figures that do not promote abuse, alcohol or drugs. Also, if parents find anyquestionable or inappropriate websites, they can send a request to block them. This visual search engine for kids illustrates results with big thumbnails to make it easy for kids to scan results. The large Arial font provides better readability for kids. Results are investigated and checked by editors, making it much safer for children with verified results.

Google Scholar

This search engine from Google is for scholarly work and has no ads. It has no questionable or inappropriate content. But it can be difficult for younger users. It provides articles on a huge number of topics. It is not advised to look up for magazine articles, reviews or editorials on Google scholar. Other materials like technical reports, journal articles and links to Google books are also included. That also provides tech info in a lighter way to enjoy the techology


It is a safe and kids- friendly interface with games, videos, and websites. This browser comes with a parents’ control page that allows parents to manage the content their child is exposed to. They can add videos or websites and can block any questionable material. This page is password protected. It has Kido’zTV; it features educational and fun videos. It also has kid-safe e-books and offline support.


It is a well organised and friendly site filled with information related to a wide range of topics. It helps kids with homework and has fun facts and quizzes to assess them as well. Every subject area has quizzes and games to enhance learning and skills. Its homework centre not only assists with assignments but also gives tips on improving study and writing skills. This is a free reference site for not only students but also teachers and parents. With a very large database, this site provides important facts and information on thousands of topics and subjects. Topics like sports, entertainment, health, and education are there. The subjects provided are history, geography, biology, etc.


This browser is specifically designed for much younger kids. It features games and videos appropriate for younger users. It provides selected material based on the age, skill level and needs of kids. Its premium version has features such as content customisation, blocking ads and monitoring of kids’ activities. Users cannot explore the parts of a website that are not added in content rotation. This way kids can complete their educational DIY projects which are based on technology or creativity.


This search engine is created by librarians. It provides results with the sites recommended by teachers, librarians, and educational associations. It is powered by Google and only shows results from selected sites. This makes it a secure and appropriate content provider for children. It gets its revenue from donations because it is ads-free. This custom student search engine is a very useful search engine for students because of its selected websites approved by educators and the targeted student base of a particular age group.


TiSPY is monitoring software for parents to control their child’s mobile activity. Parents can control the activity of their child through advanced features such as a live panel. It has an instant photo, audio and, location-driven capturing feature. It provides monitoring of all communication apps like Whatsapp, SMS, Instagram, Skype, tinder, etc. you can even read deleted messages online. You can secretly listen to every activity on your child’s phone through a live panel facility. Track your child’s location and know where your kids are.

It is important to teach kids about secure and responsible online behaviour. Digital literacy holds much importance now than ever. It is crucial to protect children from any cyber threat that they might experience when online. To ensure their safe web surfing, these kids’ safe browsing and search sites will help you in controlling and monitoring your child’s browsing. Parents can try these sites and browsers to customise the content as per their child’s age, skills and needs.