5 Reasons to Seek Digital Mailroom Solutions

Digital mailroom solutions have revolutionized the way that many companies handle their mail, and this often has ripple effects throughout their entire company. It seems every day there’s a new company that’s seeking out a new way for their company to handle their mail, after all, the way that many companies handle their physical mail hasn’t changed since the 1970s. Technology has advanced significantly since that decade and continues to make leaps and bounds nearly every day. The mailroom solutions granted to us by the current state of technology are absolutely stupendous.

Higher Levels of Security for Your Mail.

Paper mail is both an incredibly secure and insecure way to handle your mail. On the one hand, unless a hacker knows the exact route a piece of paper mail goes and then takes drastic measures to get their hands on your mail it’s entirely unlikely they’ll ever get their hands on your mailpieces. On the other hand, all it takes is for the delivery person to mistakenly drop your mail off at the wrong address for someone to have unfettered access to a mailpiece that you never had access to at all.

By using a digital mailroom solutions you can ensure that your documents only get to the people that should be seeing the mail are. Not only that, but most digital mailrooms use end-to-end encryption that is very hard for hackers to brute-force their way into. While nothing is perfectly secure, ensuring that hackers have as hard a time as possible getting into your files is a great deterrent. If it’s going to take a hacker billions of years to get into your mail they’ll more than likely decide to pick an easier target.

Streamline Your Mail Process.

Every company wants to be sure that they’re running at optimal efficiency, and one way that many companies lose a great deal of efficiency is through their mailroom process. By sending all of the mail in digital format to your employees’ computers you no longer need for them to go get their mail from the mailroom or send someone to deliver the mail by hand. This also allows for faster response times because your employees already have their mail on their screen at their work station.

Easy Integration Into Your Company.

Almost every company has a different configuration of their company. One of the major fears of many business owners when implementing a new piece of software is that they’ll need to change the structure of their company. With a digital mailroom, you can set the software up to match your current configuration without changing the configuration much at all.

You Have Complete Control Over the Software.

In digital mailroom software, there is a good deal of settings, and you and set it up exactly how you like it. For instance, if you need several employees to take a look at the same mailpiece you can simply grant all of those employees permission to see it. That not only save you paper by reducing your need to copy and print it out for each person that needs to see it but can ensure that everyone will see it sooner, which means that you can reasonably call a meeting about the subject sooner and move past the matter much more quickly than usual.

Save Your Company Money.

At the end of the day, most business owners are the most concerned with saving money and making money, and using a digital mailroom can definitely save you money. Paper mail is expensive to store and dispose of, especially if you get mounds of mail every month. Digitizing your mail process means that the destruction of old files is as easy as a few clicks and you don’t need any more storage space than the computers that you already own.

Making the Switch can Improve Your Company Significantly.

In a world of digital transformation and greater efficiencies your organization cannot wait to optimize its internal processes. Moving to a digital mail solution is the first step in creating greater efficiency within your organization.  If you’ve found yourself needing to find a way to modernize your mailroom, you needn’t look any further than a digital mailroom.