Shift management software with the advent of cloud-based scheduling systems, shift tracker, shift tracker apps, and workforce management tools, has made the shift planning process for many organizations an easier in the past few years.

In the olden days what was considered a tedious task, and done with the help of pen and papers is now being done with professional softwares and tools which perform planning, controlling, cost management, and communication with the team members.

Below we will make sure to focus upon the 10 little known ways in which shift management software can be used:

For Saving Time

One of the most essential things for which employee shift software is used is that it saves up a lot of time. Once the shift handover systems are incorporated, they ease out the scheduling process and will generate the perfect schedules within a few minutes.

For Improving Access Access

These shift handover softwares are modern, having cloud-based technologies make it possible and easy to have direct access to the workforce management and data from anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t matter if you are using a laptop, desktop, tablet, or even a smartphone, as long as you have access to the internet, the shift tracker apps will create schedules, make changes, and communicate with employees.

For Minimizing Errors

The traditional methods like pen and paper and tools like Excel and word, make the task of scheduling a tedious task leading to scope for tremendous errors and chaos in the scheduling. But with shift tracker apps and shift handover software , the program has the capability to perform on its own and self detect errors.

For example: softwares at Eschbach has built artificial technology and intelligence keeping time off trac, horse workers, and other variables as well.

Can be Used to Integrate With Other Areas Of Your Business As Well

Software designed especially for shift planning can be integrated with the other digital components as well like payroll and invoicing.

Having tremendous connectivity makes the complicated tasks much easier, as the information is already in use. With these softwares all one ah sto do is click and press a few buttons  and the software exports the data into a wide variety of reports and formats

In Building Shifts The Right Way

Instead of having schedules being made from monday to sunday , you can make to==your shifts around your best of the employees.

It Will Help In Planning For The Worst

Shift planning softwares provide the organization for the worst of times, they create backup options and availability charts of employees, who might be willing to work for an extra shift if there are ebay ill or sick employees, especially in a no call no show situation.

You can make use of shift planning softwares as well which will create a reliable list of part0time employees who have terms with the company and you can call them in the times of adversities.

Can Be Used To Set A Labor Budget

Labor is considered to be one of the biggest expenses any organization faces. If you are using the right scheduling software it can be also used to create a labor budget which will work for your operations team and labor management as well.  Having the numbers with you in the program, you can create a schedule which tracks the labor expenses and count under control.

Can Create A Template

Most of the scheduling softwares have inbuilt templates helping in speeding up the process even further. So try and take advantage of such features and modify them as per your needs.

When the time comes for planning for the next week or month, use formatting tools, shoft slots, and other relevant techniques.

Offer Right Employee at a perfect time

This will make sure to allow a person as well as focus on the scheduling the required right time along with place so as to make the business run in a better way possible.

Simplifies The Process of Cost Management

The appropriate planning software simplifies the most complex of situations and planning procedures, making it easier for you to sit down, schedule, and move on with other work in difficult times.

For example: at Eschbach we have all the tools combined which need to optimize the planning and scheduling process, along with controlling labor, and costs.


Therefore all the features of the cloud based software from scheduling to time click, to payroll management and invoicing, it makes it way more easier to make the best schedules possible, try and distribute it with complete ease, try and make changes along with adding on to the time-off request. So go through the entire detail with better support in the right way.